Alcohol and blood pressure

In this report the group of world class researchers explores a neglected topic in the prevention of ill-health and premature mortality globally: alcohol use as a contributing cause of high blood pressure. High blood pressure is, in itself, a leading cause of a host of serious illnesses and fatal conditions (e.g. heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, dementia). As a consequence of its wide-ranging ill effects on the human body, high blood pressure is one of the most significant and pressing challenges faced by public health today. The report reviews evidence regarding physiological mechanisms and disease risk whereby alcohol use at different levels affects blood pressure both in the short and longer term. The report discusses implications for the prevention of related diseases. The role that alcohol consumption can play in the development of high blood pressure is not well understood by the general public, by healthcare providers  or by health policymakers. The report also discusses untapped potential for improved clinical practices and broad-based population-wide policies to prevent ill-health and prolong life.